Monday, December 07, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: What's New With Weta Now That AVATAR Is Done? Listen Up!

Jim here. Got some new info on what is happening now with Weta now that the relatively LARGE swath of CGI that was AVATAR has been taken off their books.

Towards the end of AVATAR (only a few weeks ago), the good folks at Weta were busily working along on TWO projects: AVATAR and TINTIN with THE LOVELY BONES already wrapped. Busy is an understatement. The 60 hour workweek is standard for these guys and man they must love what they do. And it shows in their work.

Weta owes a first delivery for TINTIN by the end of January and yes some will be working over Christmas to hit the target. Don't forget the summer is just beginning down in Kiwi! Weather is getting better for them - hard to stay indoors isn't it guys?

Weta is building TWO NEW INDOOR STAGES just behind Weta Digital on Stone Street and these will be for THE HOBBIT movies that will be filming later next year.

Things aren't completely rosy though as Weta Workshop has been informed that their next load of work (THE HOBBIT) will be delayed until September 2010. What does this mean exactly for the fine employees of Weta? Seems that not all the artists have a very keen interest in working on TINTIN (an animation) and may be seeking to leave outright. That is quite sad news to me. I hope they can stay on as THE HOBBIT is going to need them!

Finally, Peter Jackson's KONG ride for Universal Studios (the one that burned down) is now running STRONG and will be delivered to the park in June. The ride itself sounds spectacular - listen to Jackson himself talk about it at this year's Comic Con:

So there you have the latest from the outstanding talent that is Weta! Love your work guys. You know folks are going to be expecting AVATAR-like results from now on right? :-)

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