Monday, December 07, 2009

Gotta Love All These New 3D Movies... Now Comes Your Favorite Classics In 3D!

Jim here. I would pay good money to see THE MATRIX converted to 3D. How about you? You have a classic movie that you would love to see in three dimensions?

Well your wish may be coming to fruition
if In-Three and Mumbai based Reliance MediaWorks have anything to do with it! Yes - Reliance is the same gigantic media company that helped fund Spielberg and Dreamworks.

In-Three is one of the leading 2D to 3D conversion companies out there (like PassmoreLab) and they are jointly constructing a $40m Mumbai complex for exactly that. They hope to employ up to 600 in it's first year to churn out 15 to 25 feature film conversions a year. Eventually they expect to have thousands working under their roof - the largest of its kind in the world.

Their first conversion title is expected to start early next year.
Of course TV shows may very well be the next hotbed of activity for 3D conversions with the S3D standards for home theater coming on stream in 2010.

Savings could be in the 25% to 45% range verses the current price for feature film conversion.

Looks like a pretty good move to me. I expect a mix between freshly shot movies and classics. The end result will be much more content in 3D at home and in the theater VERY soon. And that is good for all of us. Do you think that is air you're breathing right now? Interesting. :-)

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