Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cameron Talks Next Project, AVATAR "Fan Version", & More

Michael here. Avatar, which is now destined to top Titanic by a landslide (Cameron himself says that "It's gonna happen. It's just a matter of time") , took home six Critics Choice Awards last night: best action movie, cinematography, art direction, editing, visual effects, and sound.

MTV interviewed Cameron on the red carpet and managed to get some interesting new info:

1) Regarding a director's cut: "The director's cut is what we release. What we do is we do a special edition, where you could select a longer version of the film that had some scenes reinstated. But it's really more of a fan version than a director version. [The fan version will be] 10 or 12 minutes longer. Something like that."

2) Regarding whether Avatar 2 will be his next project: "There's a possibility of doing another picture in between. But I think we'll certainly get busy talking about what the strategy is, when it makes sense to do it, and laying any technical groundwork that needs to be done. These are big projects."

3) About the sex scene: "I think we took out a good ten seconds out of that scene. So I think it's one of those cases where the fantasy vastly exceeds the reality."

4) His advice for people with the "Avatar Blues": "Take a walk in the woods. Reaquaint with the nature we have right here."

Watch MTV's video of the interview here.

I hope Avatar cleans up at the Golden Globes tomorrow!

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