Saturday, January 16, 2010

What Is Going On? Warner Bros Announces Possibility Of CLASH OF THE TITANS In S3D

Jim here. I told you I would dig deeper into the CLASH OF THE TITANS in 3D story! I have a good friend in the industry in Europe. He told me that earlier this month, Warners was secretly asking cinema chains if they had the 3D screens available for another 3D movie in March. Assuming that this was TITANS, clearly there is a problem with this scenario and my source has hit it on the head: ALICE IN WONDERLAND opens a mere 3 weeks prior to TITANS and HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON opens the SAME DAY. Both of those competing movies are S3D.

NOW Warners is being very blatant about their plans. My source was just at a trade show in Munich and he let me in on an interesting tidbit of information: Warner Bros. announced that they are seriously considering converting CLASH OF THE TITANS to stereoscopic 3D to everyone they met at the show.

Now either Warner Bros. has an issue with internal communication, or this previous news (via Slashfilm) is dead wrong! Or at least misunderstood. Louis Leterrier (TITANS director) said: 'We tried [to do 3-D for Clash]. We tried hard. We just won’t have time. Maybe we possibly can re-release it in 3-D.' This tells me that perhaps Leterrier was trying to shoot NATIVE 3D and wasn't able to. Now they are talking conversion. *Perhaps*.

One thing is for sure though - Warners is still talking 3D. Don't count this one out yet. Conceivably they have already begun the conversion process concurrently with post-production. Will let you know more as it happens!!

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