Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Disney Releasing A CHRISTMAS CAROL on S3DHD Blu-ray In Q4 This Year

Jim here. Disney is releasing A CHRISTMAS CAROL on Blu-ray in the fourth quarter of 2010 along with a special 3D Showcase Disc. And yes, it will be aligned closely with the launch of the S3DHD TVs from various manufacturers.

A CHRISTMAS CAROL is pegged to be their first S3DHD Blu-ray disc ever.

The Showcase Disc includes upcoming promotional items for Disney 3D Home Videos - like trailers and clips. Likely to be highlighted will be ALICE IN WONDERLAND, TOY STORY 3 and some original content exclusively for this disc. The disc is actually available right now for manufacturers to include with their new S3DHD TV offerings.

Finally we are getting 3D home videos that are NOT anaglyph (blue & red glasses)! Can't wait. I have not decided on equipment for myself yet, but I will keep you informed as to what I decide upon.

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