Tuesday, January 12, 2010

James Bond Franchise Going S3D!?!

Dorey. James Dorey here. :-) Well this makes my day if not my month so far! Nothing is confirmed yet and in fact the source of this rumor is a UK rag, but what the heck - this is James Bond!

According to The Sun (via IGN), Sam Mendes has been given a few extra months in pre-production to prep for shooting the next JAMES BOND thriller in stereoscopic 3D!

I tell you what... this is icing on the cake after what Cameron has done with AVATAR!
We are now seeing trusted and proven franchises that are the epitome of industry go S3D and I could not be more elated. A recent comment on MarketSaw some time ago said that pretty soon it will only be news if a new movie is NOT in 3D. I agree!!

So what do you think of Daniel Craig once again suiting up as agent 003D... errr 007 to save the world?!

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