Friday, January 22, 2010

England Rugby LIVE IN 3D!! Verses Wales Feb 6 and Ireland Feb 27 In CINEMAS

Jim here. In what O2 is billing as the first live 3D sports broadcast in the UK, the RBS 6 Nations matches of England vs. Wales and Ireland will be available across the country.

The screenings will be shown at Cineworld and Odeon cinemas and ALL VENUES WILL HAVE LICENSED BARS. Take note North American theater chain owners.

Here are the details:

England v Wales, Saturday February 6, 2010
O2 Priority Tickets on sale: 9:00am Mon 25 January
General Sale: 9:00am Fri 29 January

England v Ireland, Saturday February 27, 2010
O2 Priority Tickets on sale: 9:00am Mon 15 February
General Sale: 9:00am Fri 19 February

I have to admit, I am an England fan - but Ireland is strong this year! Wish I could be in the UK on those dates to catch the game. Should be very exciting for the fans!! Have a pint for me will ya? Thanks for the heads up Callum.

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