Friday, January 22, 2010

Update On Sony's S3D Gaming Plans: LITTLEBIGPLANET and GOD OF WAR III??

Jim here. A quick update on what Sony has been up to with stereoscopic 3D gaming of late! Recently Sony has been showing off WIPEOUT HD, GRAN TURISMO 5, SUPER STARDUST HD and MOTORSTORM: PACIFIC RIFT in S3D and getting rave reviews.

Now the children's game LITTLEBIGPLANET is up and running in stereo. Apparently the dimensional effects were amazing, and along with GRAN TURISMO 5 really set the tone for what to expect in future 3D projects from Sony.

Says Eurogamer's Rich Leadbetter: "In the original LittleBigPlanet there can be an element of confusion about which of the game's platforms 'live' on which of the three planes of depth. Stereoscopic 3D puts an end to that, ensuring each of the parallax elements occupies its own distinct area within the 3D space."

And of course one would hope that GOD OF WAR III goes stereoscopic as well - including the game's director, Stig Asmussen (NowGamer).

Says Asmussen:
"I imagine it would be kind of like looking through a window seeing a miniature world or something like that, a three-quarter perspective, little world or diorama. It will not be in God Of War III unless someone is sneaking something in that I don’t know about. But if it’s really easy to do and there’s an interest there’s no reason why we couldn’t discuss in the future adding a patch or re-releasing the game to work with the 3D stuff. I’d love to see it happen. I think it would be cool as sh*t."

So while it has not been confirmed yet at all, I take it as a great sign of things to come when the game's director is on board already. Let's get crackin' Kratos!! Thanks to all who sent and continue to send S3D gaming links! Appreciated a great deal :-)

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