Monday, January 04, 2010

New S3D Test Lab Opens For Blu-ray Quality Assurance

Jim here. Set to launch in the first quarter of 2010, Testronic Laboratories, a quality assurance and testing service provider to the Blu-ray and Broadcast industries, has announced the opening of its new 3D Test Lab, which will be housed in the company’s 1st Street Facility in Burbank, CA.

The 3D Test Lab will thoroughly test Blu-Ray discs for the entire 3D and 2D viewing experience and ensure quality for the consumer. With the cooperation of the company’s 3D supply chain partners, the equipment at the new Testronic 3D Test Lab will include pre-release 3D players and monitors.

Says Adam Lesh, CTO of Testronic Labs:
"Testronic Labs has been on the forefront of every technology shift in home entertainment from the day that these new things called DVDs were unloaded off the truck, to the launch of BD-Live. In that sense, 3D is no different. We will continue to lead the industry in safeguarding the consumer experience for our clients."

Good to see them up and running! S3D in the home is almost upon us guys :-) Love it!!

About Testronic Labs

Testronic Laboratories, established in 1998, is the worldwide leading Quality Assurance provider of choice for the software, hardware, digital media and entertainment industries. Services cover DVD, Blu-ray and video game QA, along with a range of services for telecommunications, e-learning, interactive software and hardware products, as well as a suite of certification standards.

Testronic Labs' skilled team provides testing of any content across any medium to any end device. Based in Burbank, CA; Pinewood Studios and Central London, UK; Diepenbeek, Belgium; and Warsaw, Poland; Testronic Labs is the only global Quality Assurance company operating across the entire digital media industry.

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