Sunday, January 03, 2010

AVATAR Crosses $1 BILLION Worldwide!

Michael here. Congratulations to James Cameron, Jon Landau, and everyone else involved in Avatar for passing the billion mark worldwide after only three weekends!

Avatar also had the best 3rd weekend of all time, raking in $68.3 million according to estimates.

It makes me very happy to see Avatar doing so well, as it not only ensures us that Cameron will get whatever budget he wants for his next movie, but it shows Hollywood that 3D tentpoles can rake in huge amounts of cash and that giving a great director complete control and a big budget on an original idea can reap gigantic rewards.

The questions now are whether Avatar can beat The Dark Knight's domestic take of $533 million, and whether it can beat Titanic worldwide. In any case, Avatar is already guaranteed to have the 2nd biggest wordwide gross, behind only Cameron's Titanic.

Go Avatar!

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