Tuesday, January 05, 2010

S3D Content For Home Coming Soon In A BIG Way!

Jim here. Just in advance of CES 2010 in Las Vegas we are getting inundated with news items for Stereoscopic 3D (S3D) content for the home! Very thrilling time. Keep in mind many are claiming to be first in developing their projects so I am just going to sit back and wait for the dust to settle before labeling any company as first.

Let's go through these important developments one at a time:

1. Next3D to launch a broadband delivered S3D home service in the first quarter of 2010 called Next3DTV. It will offer the home consumer a variety of stereoscopic 3D content, including theatrical 3D movies, films originally created for 3D IMAX theaters, movie trailers, sports, news, documentaries, live 3D weather maps, and games.

Additionally, Next3DTV ( will offer user-created content channels for stereo 3D enthusiasts to post and share stereoscopic videos and still images. Movies, special events, games and other premium content will be offered on a rental basis, while some content will be free.

“With millions of 3D-ready TVs, computers, and monitors rapidly entering the home, we’ve created Next3DTV as a one-stop-shop for the consumer to easily get great 3D entertainment and content,” said Steve Heyer, Chairman of Next3D. “Our encoding and playback technology provides an amazing viewing experience. Next3DTV wraps that experience in ease of access and convenience.”

Next3DTV will be initially available for PC’s, with support for Mac, game consoles and select set top boxes to follow. For PC users, Next3DTV will support 3D Laptops, most NetTop PCs, and modern PC’s with NVIDIA or ATI video cards.

Next3DTV will be demonstrated on the NVIDIA 3D Vision System at the 2010 Consumer Electronic Show, January 7-10. NVIDIA's widely-distributed 3D Vision technology brings immersive 3D gaming, movies, photographs, and Web browsing to personal computers. NVIDA Booth, Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 4 #35912

2. DirecTV is launching three 3D only channels this year - they just launched a new satellite which will boost their HD content by 50%. Apparently they are getting together with a major consumer electronics company to offer there S3D channels. The story originally broke at HDguru and then expanded at HollywoodInHiDef. This will likely be previewed at CES 2010 on Wed, Jan 6.

3. ESPN is launching their 3D TV network in June this year. The Walt Disney sports entity is formally calling it ESPN 3D and it will air a MINIMUM of 85 live sporting events this year. Its first broadcast will be a June 11 World Cup soccer match between South Africa and Mexico. Their will also be up to 25 total World Cup matches, Summer X Games, college football and basketball which will include the BCS National Championship game on Jan 10, 2011.

Sean Bratches, ESPN's EVP, Sales & Marketing: "This will be a meaningful step to drive adoption of 3D television sets and afford opportunities for our affiliates to create value through new product offerings, and our advertisers, who want fresh sponsorship opportunities."

4. Discovery, IMAX and Sony are teaming up to present their own S3D channel with each holding an equal stake in the enterprise. It will be distributed through Discovery Communications and will have a solid mix of 3D content including natural history, space, exploration, adventure, engineering, science and technology, motion pictures and children's programming from Discovery, Sony Pictures Entertainment, IMAX and other third-party providers. They will be holding a media call today at 3:15pm EST.

"By partnering with Sony and IMAX on 3D, Discovery will lead the way in revolutionizing the next-generation home viewing experience in the U.S. and around the world,"
said Discovery Communications President & CEO David Zaslav. "Today's announcement is the next step in fulfilling Discovery's mission of providing groundbreaking content for our affiliate partners and enlightening viewers with the most immersive and realistic viewing experience available anywhere."

And there are still two more days to go before CES! What's next?? Stay tuned for more info direct from the CES floor as our own Michael Stat hits Vegas in search of ultimate 3D! :-)

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