Wednesday, January 06, 2010

3D Shorts: 3 Pop Labs Sets Up Conversion Shop; SPIDER-MAN and COWBOYS AND ALIENS Going 3D? DEADPOOL?

Jim here. There is going to be lots o' news in the coming days so I will try to condense some of the swell by using 3D Shorts:

3 Pop Labs (imcube) has set up a Los Angeles services company to convert 2D properties to 3D. Brian Quandt will be heading up the operation. Says Quandt: “When I show Hollywood insiders the results of the imcube stereoscopic conversion process they are blown away by the quality. And when I share with them how rapid and cost-effective the conversion process can be, they pull out their calculators and get really excited.”

Quandt has other innovative tools including RushPlay and RushPlay 3D that have been used on over thirty major feature films in the past two years, including Year One, Julie and Julia and Love Ranch.

Other 2D to 3D conversion companies include PassmoreLab and In-Three. Certainly seems to be a booming business! And rightly so - plenty of existing library needs to be converted and of course S3D post production for new movies!!


Is SPIDER-MAN 4 going to be shot in S3D or what?? My sources tell me yes and Sony is definitely a soup to nuts 3D company now. So that makes sense.

Sam Raimi is having words with the studio over a number of things including what villain to immortalize. I originally uncovered that The Lizard would be the sole antagonist, but Variety is now reporting that Raimi is backing The Vulture as his prime choice. Sony wants The Black Cat plus another criminal to keep spidey busy.

So because of all this villain villainy, writer after writer has been called in to try and piece together something that works for as many inside people as possible.

The end result is a LOT of confusion. One thing is for sure though - shooting has been delayed and with that comes a later release date too (possibly late summer 2011). You can't hurry special effects all that much. I am glad that Raimi is giving this his all - it improves my confidence in this iteration after what happened in SPIDER-MAN 3.


COWBOYS AND ALIENS 3D?? Could be according to The Daily Beast. They are saying that the AVATAR effect could sway Jon Favreau (who loves 3D) and DreamWorks to shoot in S3D.

The story is about aliens invading the old west Earth - cowboys are about the only thing around to defend the world! A great writing team is behind this: Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof. (via SuperHeroHype)

Thanks to @PROJECTCOULD for the heads up.

Yes please. I'll take this in 3D in a heartbeat. Now if we can just get Favreau shooting 3D for everything on his plate... *cough* IRONMAN *cough*. You KNOW you want to do it. Don't leave that cash on the table dude.


And how about DEADPOOL? We know Marvel is VERY in tune with S3D. And this was before 3D hungry Disney bought them out! So could it happen? YOU BET. And with "The AVATAR Effect", it should be sooner than later. :-)

Variety is now reporting that Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick will be penning DEADPOOL.

More on this when I get it...

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