Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quick Post from Showest: Sony 3D Experience

Michael here with a quick video tour of the Sony 3D Experience at the MGM Grand hotel. Their setup includes a screening room showing 3D trailers utilizing a 4K projector, a Sony 3DTV showcasing various 3D footage, and another featuring S3D gaming piped in from a firmware-updated PS3.

It's quite a nicely done setup, and I believe it will do a good job educating and exciting the public about S3D.

Check out the video below:

Oh, and I just got out of a screening of Kick-Ass. The crowd went absolutely berserk for it, cheering and applauding more times than I could count. It's an incredibly kickass movie indeed--just a perfectly funny, violent and surprising gem of a "comic book" flick. Go see it.

Stay tuned for much more from Showest soon!

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