Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jim And Michael Have Seen TOY STORY 3 And Pixar's New Short NIGHT & DAY!

Jim here. YES!!! Guys, we were NOT disappointed with TOY STORY 3 whatsoever. Pixar proves yet again that they are the cream of the crop with a stunning display of storytelling, humor and misty-eyed moments.

Lee Unkrich asked us all to play nice and not post any details of the plot before the screening of TS3 here at ShoWest and we intend to honor that - but we CAN say a few things.
You WILL be moved. I was. When I looked around the theater during those significant moments most people were wiping tears away or shuffling hard in their seats. It was magical let me tell you.

The movie was in 2D simply because it is not a finished product yet. There were stretches of the show that the lighting was much too bright, some scenes had pixelation while others had the characters floating on air as the content hadn't fully been introduced yet. You know what? It didn't matter. It was hardly a diversion because we were lucky to have seen this 3 months before release at all.

So what was my reaction to the movie? I thought that the characters are the drivers here yet again and so very well thought out. The trailer reveals some interesting points in the film and doesn't quite do the show justice - I can't say why as of yet, but the trailer is slightly misleading. The most precious moments of the movie are between the characters and as always there is immense satisfaction at the conclusion. It is a masterpiece. That is saying a LOT as obviously this is the third in the TOY STORY franchise. I think it is the best of the three.

Will this thing make money? Oodles and oodles. With the 3D premiums - look out. There is potential here to knock off all previous animations for the box office crown and I will go on record and say that it will achieve those lofty goals.

I will also say that I had some initial reservations when the trailer first came out and where the franchise was going. How could they recapture the magic and build on it? Rest assured it has been done. I am moving TOY STORY 3 to my number 2 position on my anticipated movies list of 2010. I was wrong to place it lower and I am man enough to admit it!

The short DAY & NIGHT was a very nice piece which WAS shown in 3D. Another home run here too. The stereoscopic 3D really added significant entertainment to the experience - again you will be satisfied with the results! I am not going to give away the details here either but you will definitely be entertained.

Stay tuned for more from ShoWest! We are having a blast here. It is an extremely well organized event, well attended and invaluable for Michael and I.

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