Monday, March 22, 2010

Video Q&A: Sam Worthington - 3D's Poster Boy Whether He Likes It Or Not!

And he DOES like it. A lot.

Jim here. Sam Worthington has seen a lot of 3D in the past year and when I had the chance to speak with him at ShoWest I didn't waste that opportunity. In fact he is probably the modern day version of 3D's poster boy.

Two things were at the top of my mind: Firstly, what does he think about native 3D (AVATAR) vs. conversion (CLASH OF THE TITANS) technology and secondly, what future projects does he have in mind that may involve 3D.

In Sam's typical idiom, he replies with complete honesty and of course well rehearsed, safe responses. :-)

Get his answers in the clip below. I asked the first two questions:

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