Monday, March 22, 2010

Xerxes To Rain Arrows On Leonidas In 3D?

Jim here. Juicy rumor here directly from 300's lion's mouth, Zack Snyder. Apparently he has seen about 10 minutes of his movie 300 converted to 3D and it was enough to convince him to do the same for LEGENDS OF THE GUARDIANS.

But for this post anyway, what Snyder said next strikes a chord: "I haven't seen the whole movie (300) but they're talking about doing the whole movie. I saw maybe like a ten-minute section that they'd just done. By the way, they did an amazing job. The way we shot it actually, it's almost like a 3D movie anyway, so it really lends itself to that. There is a difference. If you look at the trailer for GUARDIANS, it's clearly a true 3D movie, it's just whistle clean, all of the layers, all of the elements are tack sharp, it's crazy. So there is a difference, but I feel like the cool thing about "Sucker Punch" - it's exactly like Alan (Horn) said, "If you want a 3D experience with that movie, it will be there and it will be awesome. If you want to see it in 2D, it will be there as well."

Well I have always wanted to see 300 in 3D
- along with THE MATRIX and STAR WARS. Looks like stage one of my master plan may be closer than I thought! What do you think? Want to see some Spartans kicking butt in 3D? :-)


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