Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Nicolas Cage Talks DRIVE ANGRY: Will Be Shot In Native 3D And Will Have Supernatural Aspects

Jim here. MTV caught up with Nicholas Cage at Wondercon and asked him some questions about his upcoming thriller DRIVE ANGRY (which they erroneously stated was due for release this year - it will actually be released February 11, 2011).

Says Cage: "What's really cool is that the 3-D is from scratch — all the cameras are 3-D. It's not going to be tacked onto the movie afterwards. Patrick [Lussier], the director, is very excited about it. It's the first one [like this]; it's like if you got to see an old '70s action movie, but in 3-D. We're doing something semi-historical, because it's the first 3-D movie shot [in the] style of a '70s action film. You could see Charles Bronson or Eastwood [starring in a film like this] in those days."

"DRIVE ANGRY is also another foray into the supernatural," Cage said of what attracted him to project, revealing a ghostly element of the story line that is being kept largely under wraps. "There's a supernatural element to it as well, which is keeping with what my interests are right now."

Great to hear it is native 3D
and I expected nothing less from my friend, director Patrick Lussier (MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D). I expect some cool edginess and some pretty graphic content!!

Cage is enjoying a wonderful resurgence. His awesome role in KICK ASS is not to be missed. I just wish he could maintain that momentum!

Here is the full interview:

Stay tuned for more as we get it!

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