Thursday, May 27, 2010

EXCLUSIVE! THE HOBBIT Is Greenlit!!! Full Pre-production Underway And You Can Expect A S3D Experience!!!

**UPDATE - May 28: I have now heard from another top source embedded in New Zealand - 3D is definitely going to happen as all the animatics are being geared that way. If you want to believe what the official company line is - go ahead. This info is straight from my top sources. This source is less gung-ho about the green light announcement happening soon however. I will stay where I am though and that is touting that THE HOBBIT is greenlit and it is full steam ahead for November.

Strike a nerve have we? This post seems to have upset a "Hobbit focused" website a tad! They checked with their own sources and came up with a resounding "no" for the greenlight and even for the 3D, yet again. Sorry guys - no dice. My intel comes straight from the source that gave me the world's first glimpse of a Na'vi. So you can indeed take it to the bank. Do I sound confident? Good. I suspect official word will be coming down the pipe sometime soon.

YES! Finally. One of my top sources has confirmed with me that THE HOBBIT has now been greenlit!!

Full pre-production is now underway!!

There is still no official word that THE HOBBIT will be in stereoscopic 3D, but my source reiterates: "the usual 3D technical suspects have been rounded up... so I would bank on it."

I find it quite interesting that when other sites (*ahem* Deadline) mention the fact that the commence shoot date is slated for November, they think they are the ones breaking the news. You all know I broke that exclusive story back in March (with photos of the new sound stages). Sometimes you just want to reach out and... Well you know :-)

And don't even get me started on these sites talking THE HOBBIT in 3D as being a new concept!

So everyone - a collective sigh of relief: THE HOBBIT is definitely moving forward
and November is the goal to roll cameras. Rest assured it will be in 3D just like I have been saying for years. I love it when a plan comes together!!

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