Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ridley Scott May be Partnering With OR BUYING His Own S3D Company!

Huge news here guys from New York magazine if it comes to fruition! Sir Ridley Scott is apparently in deep negotiations to become partners with Symphony 3D which happens to be the parent company of MasterImage. If you will remember, I am very bullish on MasterImage and love their 3D projection solution and products.

Seems Scott will be renaming the venture Scott Three Productions (his current shingle is called Scott Free Productions) so it seems he will be taking a very active role - perhaps owning it outright! Now there is an obvious difference between running a 3D projection company and a production house, so I have a well placed email in to a person in the know to get the lowdown on how it all looks.

The combination of a strategically placed 3D company in the hands of one of the masters of our time is a perfect combination for this new generation of filmmaking! I can feel the energy and excitement pulsing within the Scott camp lately - can you feel it? 3D is playing a huge role in this renaissance; I am ecstatic that Ridley Scott is front and center!!

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