Monday, May 24, 2010

SHREK FOREVER AFTER Fails At Box Office. Or Does It??

I am amazed at the number of media outlets blasting SHREK FOREVER AFTER for under performing at the box office this weekend. Over $70 million is a nice opening! Remember - this is the fourth franchise movie and Dreamworks Animation knew that it would be very hard to keep besting themselves at the box office every time around. Especially after Shrek 2 made $108m and Shrek 3 grabbed $121m - both setting records.

$70m is hardly a failure. While it may be true that less than half as many moviegoers as SHREK 3 (which was not a great movie - another mitigating factor to huge box office) went to see SHREK 4, we always have to look at the international market where SHREK really shines. It made $20m in Russia this weekend, which topped even AVATAR's opening.

Again, 3D is playing a HUGE role.
Over 60% of the revenues were from 3D screens with the 3D premiums adding $13m to the tally. And don't forget that HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON had plenty of legs - SHREK 4 could stay awhile in theaters.

The lesson to be learned here, if any, is that some franchises peter out earlier than others.
SHREK FOREVER AFTER's opening performance is a good one for just about any other franchise, except, well SHREK. Will DWA continue on with the franchise then? I highly doubt it with the announced sequels to HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and KUNG FU PANDA - both in 3D of course.
Legacy? Well, a generation of kids have plenty to look back on and smile at. And so does DWA.

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