Thursday, June 03, 2010

LOGAN'S RUN Will Be Shot In Native 3D! DC Comic's LOBO Will Get 3D Treatment As Well!!

Joel Silver knows what he wants, and right now he wants pure, through and through, native 3D. What Silver wants, he usually gets.

I first reported on the possibility of LOGAN'S RUN being shot in 3D back in August of 2007.

From MTV: "I'd like to make 'Logan's Run' [in 3-D]," Silver said. "It's a movie I've always been intrigued with, excited by. We're writing a script now and that should be a big 3-D movie and it should be devised and shot in 3-D. I think if we can pull it together, then it would be."

Carl Erik Rinsch has been confirmed as the director for the Sci-Fi thriller.

Silver continues: "I want to do 'Lobo' too, and that should also be a 3-D movie. We're working on the script now a little bit more. We did a test, a very effective test. We're moving forward and I hope we can get that together."

Here is the whole interview:

DC Comics' beer drinking bounty hunter, Lobo, is a heavy metal antihero who lands on Earth to hunt down three intergalactic outlaws. Guy Ritchie is directing with Don Payne delivering the script.

LOGAN'S RUN and LOBO sound PERFECT for 3D! I am so glad Silver is stereoscopically mounting up in such a big way. And shooting natively too!

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