Friday, June 04, 2010

3D Sports Set To Explode On June 11!!

Have you got your S3DHD TV yet? Well in case you haven't and you are wondering what kind of broadcast content will be available before you buy, try this on for size: The 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer games will start airing in 40 million homes on June 11 in stunning 3D through ESPN 3D. The insanely popular tournament will be aired through Comcast, DirecTV and other distribution channels.

Not only will the sports be in S3D, but so will the commercials! ESPN is ONLY taking 3D commercials for the games and Sony has already agreed to be one of the first to air a 3D commercial for their products.

As far as the World Cup goes, ESPN 3D has actually increased the number of events being covered from 85 to about 100.

So if you want to see the games in 3D - check out the various solutions available at your nearest electronics store. I was in BestBuy yesterday and loved their Samsung set up which was showing MONSTERS VS. ALIENS. Solutions are also available through

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