Friday, June 04, 2010

Relativity Media's Modern Take On SNOW WHITE To Be Made In 3D!!

Looks like Relativity Media has picked up the rights to Melisa Wallack's script for THE BROTHERS GRIMM: SNOW WHITE and they plan on giving the classic children's tale a modern spin and produce it in 3D.

Relativity's Tucker Tooley is executive producing along with Bernie Goldmann, Brett Ratner and Ryan Kavanaugh in the producer's role.

"Talent and directors of the highest level have already responded to the new, edgier concept, and to Melissa's script," Goldmann said. "While retaining the elements of the beloved Brothers Grimm tale, this is certainly not your mother's Snow White."

Sounds intriguing! Kind of like Disney's modern live action take on Cinderella I would wager. Looks like we will be in for a few movies in this new paradigm.

Source: Variety

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