Monday, July 12, 2010

DESPICABLE ME Beats All Projections And Hauls In $60.1 Million!

Universal (and Illumination Entertainment) has a solid hit on their hands. Their family 3D animation DESPICABLE ME (DM) schemed up a remarkable $60.1 million (estimated) from 5,200 screens in 3,476 theaters. In fact, it is the second best launch of a non-Pixar animation ever. Dreamworks Animation's KUNG FU PANDA opened with $60.2 million in 2008 and yes, DM could claim that mantle when the official box office receipts come rolling in tomorrow.

Early estimates had the family movie doing about HALF of what DM actually wound up earning.

3D played a major role in the box office success but strangely not as high as it has been with past animations. 45% of the receipts has come from 1,551 3D locations. A great number to be sure, but not as high as say another original animation, last year's MONSTERS VS. ALIENS. MvsA's 1,550 3D locations brought in a 56% share of receipts.

Simply said, 2D played a slightly larger role with this film, at least for the first weekend. 3D still dominated 2D of course by representing so much of the total receipts through less locations, but it is interesting to watch.

Marketing has a LOT to do with the success of this film. Who has NOT seen those pesky, yellow little critters pasted everywhere of late? I can see the appeal of those minions to both boys and girls - they are pretty darn cute, but they can also wield fart guns. Not hard to see the appeal!

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