Sunday, July 11, 2010

New And Existing Playstation 3's Will Have 3D Blu-ray Support In September

Sony is raising the 3D bar once again! As you know, the Playstation 3 has 3D support for gaming through a firmware update that has already been made. That update did NOT have support for 3D movies on its blu-ray player however.

That is set to change in September. Sony will be releasing the next 3D update for Playstations and it will include support for playing 3D movies. Word is that 3D photo support is coming in a future release too. Sony is activating 3D across their product line and the new Cybershot DSC-TX9 will be able to grab those stereoscopic 3D photos for you.

Here is what Mick Hocking, Sony's worldwide 3D studio boss had to say:

"If you have a PlayStation 3 and you buy a 3DTV, you simply connect via your HDMI cable and your PlayStation 3 will automatically recognise that you've got a 3D display attached. It knows the size of the screen as well, which is very important for actually rendering 3D correctly and giving you the right sense of depth. And in our games you'll see the menu to play the game in 3D automatically. You don't have to press any buttons or go through any menus - it's all completely automatic and seamless, which is jolly good. We've launched four titles in June to support the 3D ready PS3 - and these are also bundled with our 3D Bravia TVs for free. If you've already purchased them [in 2D] from our PSN store, they're also free to download - or you can go along and buy them if you don't have them yet. There's Wipeout, Motorstorm, Super Stardust and PAIN - which involves throwing a character into scenery and hurting them as much as possible. All these are full games except for Motorstorm, which is a demo. In September this year, we're launching another Firmware upgrade - and this one is going to upgrade the PS3 to support Blu-ray movies in 3D. Again, you won't have to do anything - just connect your PS3. For the film market that's a very significant event. Then later in the year - we're not going to date it yet - the PS3 is going to support 3D photos. Of course the popularity of 3D isn't just going to come from movies and games. There's 3D cameras on the market, there's 3D camcorders coming on the market in the next 12 months as well, and 3D broadcasts. Crucially for us, PlayStation 3 will be able to store all types of 3D content. And we can do this through properly upgrading the Firmware on the platform. So you'll see 3D games in the next 12 months, you'll see Blu-ray movies in 3D, and as soon as the broadcasts start through our PlayTV services, you're going to watch 3D content [via that]. YouTube will be supporting 3D content over the next 12 months as well - and you'll be able to watch that on the PlayStation 3. And as you start taking 3D pictures of your family or 3D camcorder movies, you can play those back on PS3, too. It's a great purchase proposition and future proof."

Bring it on Sony. Bring it on!

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