Friday, August 13, 2010

Jon M. Chu Directing Justin Bieber's New 3D Feature Film

Not totally a surprise and quite frankly a good selection for the upcoming 3D feature film for Justin Bieber. STEP UP 3D's director Jon M. Chu has been selected to direct the much talked about Bieber biopic (however short it is) about how he has arrived at the place he is in today.

Bieber's August 31 concert in NYC will be shot in 3D for inclusion in the movie which will also include behind the scenes footage (which I am assuming was shot in 2D and will need to be converted). Knowing Chu however, he will want to shoot as much as possible in native 3D.

I have seen STEP UP 3D and it certainly shows you that it was shot in native 3D - there are no layering effects and Chu used backgrounds and the environment very effectively in some shots to bring out the beauty of 3D. Sure, parts were a bit cheesy as I am sure the Bieber movie will be but overall the 3D was nicely done.

I am feeling a bit better now about the whole project.
Chu can bring the right combination to light for a successful film. I will try to keep an open mind for it. I will try very HARD.

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