Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pixar's Highest Grossing Movie Ever? TOY STORY 3!!

They've done it! Pixar has managed to top themselves as TOY STORY 3 just passed the shop's previous top property FINDING NEMO's tally of $868 million worldwide. The third and supposedly 'final' iteration of the TOY STORY franchise has accumulated $895 million thus far and still has plenty of legs left. I am calling it to surpass the $1 billion mark joining ALICE IN WONDERLAND and of course AVATAR in the feat for 2010.

Pixar certainly deserves all the accolades for TOY STORY 3.
An amazing piece of storytelling in their fine tradition. Note that FINDING NEMO did perform without the benefit of 3D premiums though.

The next project to be released from Pixar is CARS 2 (June 24, 2011). I have to say that Pixar's success is NOT a trend. It's their status quo! I take it as a GOOD sign that John Lasseter has been recalled from Disney to revisit the story in CARS 2 - it shows they care and will always care about story first.

Keep up the great work guys!!

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