Tuesday, August 03, 2010

3D Geek Alert: Now Companies Are Innovating! Simple New 3D Lens For Panasonic's G Series On Its Way!!

Wow. Love this elegant solution for capturing 3D at home! As we have seen in the past, if you wanted home 3D you had to buy an all in one unit and foot the bill accordingly. Moreover, while they are indeed 3D cameras, they were one dimensional with regard to flexibility.

Now enters Panasonic with a truly wonderful innovation! I do not know how well if performs yet, but on a purely high level the new 3D Lens for the LUMIX G Micro System Series (a Micro 4:3 system) seems to hit all the needs of today's consumers.

The system utilizes two integrated optical systems within a single lens assembly feeding left and right eye images to a single (and flexible) CCD to be processed by Panasonic's 3D image system.
The interchangeable lens assembly is very compact too. The result should be very elegant: No time lags or distortion between left and right eyes, even when shooting moving objects

Screen Digest says that by 2014 there will be 3DTVs in about a quarter of all homes in major markets. That is an impressive figure. Someone has to provide consumer solutions to capture all those family moments in 3D and Panasonic is definitely stepping up (Canon and Sony will also probably do something similar for their interchangeable lens camera systems, but they will most likely be beamsplitters by design, and therefore bulky).

I am loving the innovation I have been seeing lately in consumer home 3D electronics. Impressive thinking is taking place. I will more than likely be picking up one of these G series cameras now that 3D is involved. :-)

Source: Screen Digest, ‘Bringing 3D Home: the opportunities for 3D broadcast’, 2010

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