Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Director Michael Apted is not involved with the 3D conversion of DAWN TREADER?

Wow. Director Michael Apted is not involved with the 3D conversion of THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER?

Apparently so according to Joe Dante, a friend of Apted (via "A lot of directors don't necessarily want to add 3D, it's done without their consent. My friend Michael Apted just did a Narnia picture, and he was very upset that they insisted that his finished film be turned into 3D, because he had no intention when he was making it of doing it. He said, 'if I was gonna' do a 3D movie, I would have done it differently'. And the fact is that, when you make a 3D film -- if you're doing it correctly -- you shoot it for 3D. To just take a film that was created to be in 2D, and send it to India and have it come back in this dark, fuzzy, View-Master slide kind of 3D, is a disservice to the movies and it's frankly picking the pockets of the audience."

Very well said Joe. I agree. When you have the availability of the filmmaker you should use him/her absolutely. I would take that stance when talking about catalog conversions too. If you don't think James Cameron or George Lucas won't have any say in their previous efforts being converted - think again!

I am shocked that Apted is not involved.
From what I can see, the conversion looks great so far so fingers crossed. But I will always wonder what DAWN TREADER would look like if Apted was involved - I can't help it.

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