Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OPINION: BATMAN 3 In 3D - Is Warner's Forcing Nolan's hand?

As we have already conjectured, word (hollywoodinhidef) on the street is that Warner Bros. will force Christopher Nolan to shoot or convert BATMAN 3 to 3D (via denofgeek). Not really a surprise but it does echo what my Filmmakers Panel and I discussed at THE 3D EXPERIENCE this past week in New York.

We talked about how James Cameron got it right when he suggested that filmmakers had their chance to own the creative end of this whole 3D toolkit and take projects to the studios, but now it is actually working in reverse: Studios are forcing filmmakers to shoot in 3D.

We also touched on the need for some Directors of Photography to bring in Stereographers and 3D services companies who can "hit the ground running". You would be right in assuming many egos can get bruised quite easily.

Hollywood is no different than any other evolving industry in the world.

Personally I don't think the issue lies with Nolan. I think the issue lies with Wally Pfister who is known to have blatantly bashed 3D. Regardless of whether they shoot native 3D or convert it (and it will be in 3D, no mistake about it), BATMAN 3 will have to be planned to be in 3D. Is Pfister up to the task? I imagine so - he is a very talented individual and I love his 2D work without exception. I just find it interesting that Nolan and Pfister have allowed 3D to envelop them to the point where it appears they are actually not enjoying the privilege of the work.

On the other hand, Nolan and Pfister could come out of the blocks with heads held high and tackle BATMAN 3D with all the bravado that they have earned. I sincerely hope that this is the case. Having a filmmaker like Nolan on board is a huge step forward just as it was with Cameron, Spielberg, Burton, Bay, Snyder, Soderbergh, Scott, Scorsese and Herzog.

Remember when I asked Michael Bay about 3D and he turned it down for TRANSFORMERS 2 as not appropriate and said 3D might be a gimmick? Well he is shooting TF3 in native 3D right now (our exclusive). And not just going through the motions either - he is belting this one out of the park! Here is what Lorenzo di Bonaventura (TF Producer) had to say (via iamrogue): "We are shooting in 3D and what Michael is gonna do with 3D is gonna blow people’s minds. It is incredibly dynamic because he is not compromising his shooting style. And what I’ve seen so far in 3D has locked off cameras, and Michael is not locking off any cameras. It’s exciting!"

I am confident that as straggling directors add 3D to their toolbelt they will become more and more enamored with it as Bay has seemingly become. I welcome the Nolan/Pfister team to 3D with open arms because who knows what sort of phenomenal creations they will come up with? My anticipation of BATMAN in 3D is through the roof.

Further, DC has to try and stay on top of Marvel's box office right? With THE AVENGERS ramping up, Warners and DC can't afford to fool around. Bring it on!

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