Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Exclusive: Open Discussion Being Held In Wellington On Future Of The NZ Film Industry And THE HOBBIT - Oct 20, 5PM

It looks like action is taking place in Wellington regarding the future of the New Zealand film industry as well as recent developments with Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT!

I have it from a very trusted source that a meeting is taking place at Stone Street Studios, A Stage, Miramar at 5pm on the 20th of October for ALL MEMBERS of the New Zealand Film Industry, regarding recent news with THE HOBBIT and the future of the film industry as a whole.

Actors, crew, technicians and production are all URGED to attend this open discussion.

Click here to see our exclusive image of this new sound stage in Wellington from earlier this year.

What have they settled? Anything at all? Or are they going to try and bring everyone together for consensus? Regardless of what their intentions are, the world will know in very short order what has become of the labor dispute it seems.

Fingers crossed THE HOBBIT stays in New Zealand!! More info when I get it...

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