Friday, October 01, 2010

New CONAN 3D Promo Poster! Fake Or Real?

**UPDATE: Oct 1 - I just heard from a trusted source and he says this poster is fake. So take from that what you will.

Hey guys - Steve at
Collider just scored a cool new promo poster for Lionsgate's CONAN 3D. Similar to what we have seen before, the studio has simply added the cast names and the 3D suffix.

CONAN 3D is a conversion and I don't know what company has been tapped to do it... YET.
The studios make the conversion companies sign NDAs so that nothing gets out to the public. To me, if you have hired one of the top three conversion companies, you should be proud of that and actually advertise it to alleviate at least some of the fears of a bad conversion job.

Can't wait to see Stephen Lang in yet another villain role as dang it, he does a bang up job doesn't he? :-)

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