Saturday, October 02, 2010

TOLD YA! New York Times Backs MarketSaw's Exclusive That THE HOBBIT Will Be in 3D and Jackson Is Directing!

Slowly but surely patience is paying off. Who here remembers my exclusive post back in November 2007 (Wow, time flies!) that THE HOBBIT will be made in 3D and that Peter Jackson will be directing?

In honor of that post, I am using the exact same graphic I used back then! :-)

Guess what? Looks like the time has come for vindication as the New York Times is reporting (thank you Michael Cieply!) that the trip there and back again will be in 3D. After literally YEARS of some folks lambasting me for suggesting that THE HOBBIT will be in 3D and that Peter Jackson will eventually direct the movies we have come full circle! This was before he settled his lawsuit with New Line too! Let me tell you it tastes sweet. Sweet because we are now going to get THE HOBBIT that I know everyone will be crazy about!

I put my neck on the line personally guaranteeing this outcome to my readers which I DO NOT take lightly and while at times I was nervous because of so many naysaying reports, I stuck with my tried and true sources as they have never let me down. So many other movie sites condemned my source reports! Oh well, that's life on the Interwebs.

So relax and enjoy the news my fellow Middle-earth denizens!

More on this story when the official word comes down... :-)

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