Monday, October 04, 2010

Toshiba Unveils Glasses-Free TVs In Japan!!

Well now isn't this something? I cannot comment on how WELL the 3D is accomplished, but for what it is worth, Toshiba today showed the world its new REGZA GL1 series of autostereoscopic TVs (glasses-free) at Japan's CEATEC 2010 which is the country's largest electronics show.

The first specifications of the series are definitely on the smaller side hinting that the technology for the trailblazing initiative is new and complex. The series introduces the 20GL1 (1280 x 720p image resolution but with an amazing 829 million pixels which is 4 times the amount used for a 1920 x 1080p display) which is 20 inches in diagonal and the 12GL1 (466x350 resolution) which of course is 12 inches. "It can combine and display nine parallax images carrying information from nine images created in real time from a single frame".

How do they achieve glasses-free 3D? Lenticular lens', which again does not surprise me. From all the lenticular lens setups I have seen thus far (have not seen the Toshibas though) the 3D is definitely inferior, so I am of course rabidly curious as to whether this new tech holds water or not as being a true alternative for consumers. Clearly the screen size is not up to today's expectations in the home. Time and R&D may solve that.

Regarding the processing power behind the screen, both sets use the Cell CPU (yes, the same one as Sony employs in the PlayStation 3).

Prices? Not cheap. The 20GL1 is $2,885 and the 12GL1 is $1,443 (converted from Yen). They will be available in Japan only starting in December.

As pricey and small as they are, I would still love to get my hands on one to review! Toshiba - you reading this? :-)

More info when I get it...

Sources: reghardware | engadget

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