Thursday, October 21, 2010

Whoa! Details Surface About Ridley Scott's ALIEN Prequels: SPOILERS!!

I just couldn't help myself, I had to read it. I may regret it as how many times in life do you get to watch a probable Ridley Scott Sci-Fi masterpiece with no prior knowledge these days?

But you DO have a choice to not read it if you so desire. Below the spoiler alert warning below lies some key aspects of the ALIEN prequels' script that is certainly very interesting and I feel would make a pair of memorable movies.

Should you read it? Your call. It may even be fake, but if it is then the 'fake writers' should probably be writing.

Do not read further unless you wish to NOT have a pristine viewing experience of the upcoming ALIEN prequel movies.

Keep in mind that the comments section is OPEN TO DISCUSSION ABOUT THESE SPOILERS.

To read the spoilers, simply highlight the white characters below with your cursor:
The story follows a group of terraforming aliens the script calls ‘Growers’ — these are seemingly of the race from which comes the original film’s ‘space jockey.’ There’s a strange sequence in which the Growers use a bit of mind control to instigate a homosexual encounter between Fin and Karik, two male human slave farmers. The aliens, you see, are a single-sex species and don’t understand the male-female breeding requirements of humans. The title alien — the xenomorph — is a creature used by Growers as part of the terraforming process, and at a point in the script it develops into the creature we know and love. So we won’t see it in the form we know right off; this will be a payoff later in the script. Into the group of Growers and human slaves comes a ship crewed by “the usual Alien misfits” complete with a female character that sounds like Vasquez from Aliens, and another woman named Truks that is reportedly the role for which Gemma Arterton was considered. Ridley Scott has also reportedly met with Lance Henricksen, though how the guy who fit into the established Alien storyline might work in this film, I can only conjecture. (I’d guess he’d appear only towards the end, as the xenomorphs are out of control, in a story thread that would point right towards the original Alien.) The summation is that this script is “a deep movie — part science-fiction, part psychological drama, part, dare I say, romance.”

Now that you may have read it, what do you think? It would make a heckuva pair of movies, no doubt in my mind and in 3D? Interesting! Can't wait - IF this is all factual. Even if it is accurate, scripts are changed all the time. Keep that in mind.

Sources: What' via /Film

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