Wednesday, October 20, 2010

International 3D Society Awards Show presented in MasterImage 3D; company's CEO honored with Lumiere Award

My congratulations to Younghoon Lee, head of MasterImage 3D on his Lumiere award at the International 3D Society Awards yesterday!

MasterImage is definitely a company to watch in the 3D space as their rapid theatrical expansion continues around the world.

the press release (emphasis is mine):
Hollywood, CA (October 20, 2010) - Last night's International 3D Society Awards Show at Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood was presented in the MasterImage 3D format. The company's Chairman and CEO, Younghoon Lee, was also honored with a Lumiere(TM) award for the MasterImage digital 3D cinema system.

The International 3D Society, established to advance the art and technologies of stereoscopic 3D content and its innovators, recognized individuals and organizations that have had the most significant impact on the advancement of the 3D medium from 1980 through 2009. In addition to screening the 3D content for the evening's program, the MasterImage 3D system was also recognized for technology achievement.

International 3D Society President and CEO Jim Chabin said, "This event recognizes excellence in 3D, and the quality of the MasterImage 3D presentation format reflects that excellence. MasterImage has been a strong evangelist and driver for 3D cinema here in the US and around the world and we're pleased to recognize their achievement along with other innovators and leaders in the 3D community."

The MasterImage digital 3D cinema system uses a unique combination of display techniques to provide precise image separation, for a vivid, sharp presentation. It is now installed in 42 countries, and all six major Hollywood studios as well as many independent distributors support the MasterImage format for their 3D features.

About MasterImage 3D LLC
MasterImage 3D LLC is a 3D technology company that provides pioneering solutions for theaters, mobile devices and gaming. With digital 3D cinema systems installed in 42 countries, MasterImage 3D is a fast-growing digital 3D cinema system supplier, offering audiences the clearest, sharpest 3D experience while providing exhibitors with a compelling ownership-based pricing model. The company's auto-stereoscopic display technology enabled one of the world's first glasses-free 3D mobile phones and its 3D camera ASIC empowers users to create and share 3D content. Founded in 2004, the company is privately held and headquartered in Hollywood, with offices in the UK, Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing.

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