Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Marvel's THE AVENGERS To Shoot In LA And Relativity Media's SNOW WHITE To Shoot In Montreal

Just some shooting location updates for you: Marvel is apparently changing their plans to shoot THE AVENGERS in New York City (via Bleeding Cool) and will move the lion's share of the production to Los Angeles.

That's it. Move along. Nothing more to see here. Just don't mess this thing up guys! I am sooo invested in seeing a quality product with this ensemble movie.


Speaking of production location news, Relativity Media's SNOW WHITE will be shot in Montreal at Mel's Studios where they will be building a 100,000 square foot village just for the movie.

Shooting for director Tarsem Singh (IMMORTALS) will take place from April to June, 2011 and it seems that the production will faithfully follow the darker Brother's Grimm fairy tale rather than other lighter versions. Release window is in 2012.

More details on these stereoscopic 3D productions when I get them!

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