Friday, November 05, 2010

Sally Field And Martin Sheen Could Be Aunt And Uncle In Marc Webb's SPIDER-MAN!

Interesting! You know what? I am on board with these rumors (via THR) if they turn out to be factual. Sally Field is reportedly in early talks to play Aunt May in Marc Webb's upcoming stereoscopic 3D reboot of the SPIDER-MAN franchise. Further, Martin Sheen is close to inking a deal where he plays Uncle Ben.

Obviously we need a strong acting presence from both of these characters, especially Aunt May. Uncle Ben's demise (sorry if you have never watched anything SPIDER-MAN before!) has to be MEMORABLE and MOTIVATING.

As we know already, Emma Stone has jumped into the Gwen Stacy role, Andrew Garfield has landed the deal of a lifetime as Peter Parker and Rhys Ifans will more than likely suit up as Curt Connors / the Lizard which we knew a year ago, though back then it seemed like Dylan Baker was teed up for the role.

So far so good with Marc Webb's efforts. Hopefully these casting rumors turn out to be accurate and that the talent signs on. More when I get it! And no comment on whether MJ will be in the movie or not...

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