Thursday, November 18, 2010

Top Tier 3D Conversion Company IN-THREE Bought By DIGITAL DOMAIN

Digital Domain Holdings which owns the FX company Digital Domain has just bought the 2D to 3D conversion company In-Three. In-Three is clearly a top tier 'dimensionalization' company and the move makes sense on many levels.

My good friend Neil Feldman
, CEO of In-Three told David Cohen of Variety: "It's a no-brainer to us to want to be affiliated with a high-end vfx expert company so we can pool our resources and do something beyond what's been done before. We've seen low-end conversions, and that's not what we want to do. We're trying to maintain the highest quality."

Cliff Plumer, CEO of Digital Domain continues:
"Pretty much all the movies we're working on have a stereo aspect. Our preference still is shooting in stereo, if you can. But a lot of films are still shot flat and the post schedules are getting much tighter, which forces visual effects companies and stereo companies to work together."

Shortly In-Three will begin to move its production facilities from California to Florida
to be in close proximity to Digital Domain's headquarters. Sales efforts will largely remain in California which again makes perfect sense.

Apparently the acquisition will not affect In-Three's day to day operations when it comes to the conversion of third party titles which is great to hear. Top tier conversion companies are like gold in today's massive 3D conversion market.

Congratulations to all involved!
Looks like a solid move.

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