Thursday, December 16, 2010

GRAVITY Attracts Clooney!

Yes! Finally we have some rather solid casting news for the long awaited and much anticipated Alfonso Cuaron science fiction thriller GRAVITY.

George Clooney has reportedly signed (via THR) on as the important first act character that survives an outer space tragedy along with the major star of the film, Sandra Bullock. It seems Bullock will carry the second and third acts by herself.

Warner Bros is looking to start production in the spring.

Here is the supposed storyline
(via Scriptshadow - SPOILER ALERT): The script follows Ryan Stone, an engineer whose career path unexpectedly puts her on a space shuttle, doing repairs. (In a more recent draft, she’s working on repairing the Hubble.) She’s paired with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski. But things go very wrong. The Russians just blew up something that “creates a chain reaction of spraying debris that hits multiple satellites, which also end up exploding, and all of a sudden thousands of pieces of debris are heading straight towards the space shuttle.” Cutting forward a bit, that debris destroys the shuttle and eventually leaves Ryan alone, trying to make her way to the International Space Station and rescue.

Everything that can go wrong does go wrong as the movie becomes a series of near death experiences. Ryan must jump from point to point – whether it be to a vessel, a station, or an oxygen tank – and survive long enough to make the journey to the next point after that (and so on). Each destination is accompanied by dangerous debris, dropping oxygen, and the strong chance that whatever she’s trying to get to might not be there. Think Apollo 13, but with the odds stacked 1 million times higher against you, if that’s possible.

GRAVITY is rumored to have a MASSIVE opening scene that has Cuaron capturing a 20 minute shot! Amazing if this turns out to be true. Remember watching CHILDREN OF MEN and that scene where Clive Owen is searching for the baby and mother in that ravaged apartment building? ONE shot.

Single shot scenes really bring you into the action!
Combine that with immersive 3D in space and you have a sure winner. Can't wait! Huge anticipation for this movie guys!!

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