Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Now THIS Is Cool 3D Marketing To Kids! They Will Be Watching TRANSFORMERS This Summer With 3D Helmets On!!

So cool. Hasbro has outdone themselves this time - not only have they embraced the new trend for 3rd party 3D glasses, they went ahead and integrated the lenses into TRANSFORMERS helmets that kids can wear to see the movie this summer! For those unacquanted, the yellow helmet would be Bumblebee and the blue Optimus Prime.

The helmet/glasses will be RealD theater compatible and work with most passive S3DHD television sets too.

They're called Transformers Cine-Power 3D Masks and they will sell for $9.99 - affordable for most! Look for them on shelves starting May 16 leaving about a month and a half before TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON opens nationwide.

Thanks for the PCMag link Tim!

My question is not how many kids will be wearing these things, but how many ADULTS?

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