Friday, April 15, 2011

3D Geek Alert: Stereoscopic 3D Hack Being Developed For Panasonic GH1 And GH2!

Attention all indie filmmakers using or considering DSLR for your camera - GREAT news! There is a high probability that ALL GH1 serial numbers will soon be hackable and the GH2 will follow!!

First some history...

User 13 (Vitaliy Kiselev) from the DVXuser forums was able to hack into the Panasonic Lumix GH1 camera's firmware back a couple of years ago and make this available to any owner. The change was dramatic (increased bitrate amongst other hacks) and turned the GH1 into a gorilla for full HD video. I know - I own one, it is hacked and it is simply the best for the money. The nickname for these modified cameras are GH13 in honor of user 13. You can search for videos made with this hack on various sharing sites by using Gh13 or GH1 hack.

Panasonic caught on and changed their firmware so that only a certain range of serial numbers can be hacked - BUT that is changing as you read this. According to the DVXuser forums, a call is being made for donations to fund Vitaliy's hack for ANY GH1. You read that right, no matter what serial number of GH1 you have, it can and will be freed with this new hack once it is made available. The current price of a new GH1? $250. Amazing.
Further, Vitaliy will be able to use the information from this effort to break into the newer Panasonic Lumix GH2!! This is outstanding news. If this camera is broken open and freed to it's upper limits I assure you that the results will be stellar for Full HD filmmaking.

So now it is up to Vitaliy to make the hack and he needs donations to fund the work. He needs to buy two GH1's, the first will be bricked once the firmware is dumped and then the second he will actually work on. He will also need Gh2's down the road. You can make a donation here.

FURTHER STILL, there is reasonable expectation that Vitaliy can hack the GH2 to allow for a jam-sync - allowing stereoscopic 3D syncing to take place between 2 cameras!! Yes, this is possible and actually the GH1 is doing it now through this site. Two GH2's in sync will be amazing to work with!

As an advocate of indie filmmaking, these developments are HUGE. If you are interested, I invite you to make a donation to the effort.

More on this developing story when I get it!

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