Thursday, April 14, 2011

MUST WATCH: Peter Jackson Unveils Over 10 Minutes Of BTS From THE HOBBIT!! Middle-earth Lives Again On Social Media!

AMAZING!! Wow. Who cannot be excited for these films? Peter Jackson promised us some video from THE HOBBIT and boy did he deliver! I am going to be playing this back over and over just to capture all the little bits of information he has given us. The PROPS! Guys, I live for behind-the-scenes (BTS) clips and this is the grand daddy of them all so early into production!!

Can you see how Peter has changed his approach to marketing his Middle-earth films? In fact it comes across as not even marketing (though it obviously is); it appears to us as being a special family opening their doors to the fans and nothing more. Magical. No more ultra secretive productions (sure, he has blurred out aspects of this clip, but you know what I mean) and he has embraced social media! I love it. Just seeing the care and professionalism being taken on creating the sets, wardrobe and well, the energy and aura of Tolkien's work is breathtaking.

Jackson's walk around tour makes me wonder why they don't keep these sets together for tourism purposes. I would gladly pay hundreds of dollars for a day to view these things. What do you think?

Love how Jackson plays with us putting on his 3D glasses! And he keeps repeating Dorey, Dorey, DOREY all the time!! Ok, so it's Dori, but it does have a great ring to it on this set! I'm ecstatic that he is so on board with stereo. And those Red Epic cameras!! On 3ality Digital rigs too - it all looks like candy to me.

Hmmm... At the beginning did you notice Gollum's chair is higher than Bilbo's? Andy Serkis has some clout now doesn't he? ;-)

The traditional greeting ceremony, the many unsung contributors in the background, all the dwarves sitting around the table at Bag End and having Ian McKellan positively glowing on set is such a gift to us. Thank you Peter. Thank you.

Here is the BTS clip (or you can watch it in HD right here):

More when I get it!

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