Thursday, April 21, 2011

John Luessenhop To Direct LEATHERFACE 3D?

Got some inside info from Bloody Disgusting that John Luessenhop (TAKERS) is in talks to direct LEATHERFACE 3D which will be a sequel to the Platinum Dunes remake of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. Lionsgate would mostlikely distribute the Twisted Pictures production (Variety).

Apparently Adam Marcus, Debra Sullivan and Stephen Susco have written the sequel that picks up where the original TCM left off.

I think that Twisted Pictures can pull this one off.
They certainly have the background of making ridiculously low cost horror movies into major cash cows (i.e. the SAW franchise) and TCM certainly fits into whole bloody mess.

I hope this comes about. Should be interesting to watch it develop! In fact, Twisted Pictures should be interested in buying this site too as we have the word 'Saw' don't we? :-)


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