Saturday, April 23, 2011

Peter Jackson: Ian Holm Returning As Older Bilbo In THE HOBBIT

Good news. Ian Holm is returning as the older version of Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT!

Jackson himself confirmed the news to his official Facebook page: "One comment that came up from the recent video blog was the Bilbo voice at the end—many of you assumed it was Sir Ian Holm. Whilst Ian will be returning as the older Bilbo Baggins in 'The Hobbit,' that recording was actually Martin Freeman's voice, taken from a script read through we recorded when the cast first arrived. I have to admit, I wasn't sure who it was when I first heard it, either. Cheers, Peter J"

Can't wait to see the Martin Freeman / Ian Holm transition during the movie - whether it is simply a matter of Holm reading from the book (ala Elijah Wood) or whether it is more intricate.

Stay tuned for more!

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