Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quick Post: THOR Opens Overseas To 3D Conversion Acclaim!

Everything that I have heard about THOR overseas has been stellar, especially the conversion which is music to my ears! Could it be that we finally have a 3D post converted movie that will set the bar higher for all that follow? THE GREEN HORNET was well done, but had issues. What I am hearing is that THOR has delivered on its promises and has made Marvel proud.

Here's what MarketSaw readers from around the world are saying (feel free to add more below in comments - including spoilers):

Ebostock: "You could not tell it was conversion , to me it was = to AVATAR , And as for the film , Do you agree its the best comic book movie ever made ?"

"As for MARVELS schedule , they are a well oiled machine now , with the man power of Disney , to get this done on time ,Watch THOR and then tell me if your not excited for the AVENGERS."

"To me the 3D was really strong from start to finish , There may have been some shots were 3D was not present , but it felt natural , a really skilled conversion , The shot were THOR is kneeling after the first time he tries to lift the hammer is the best 3D shot i have seen , It helps that it is such a great movie , And i plan to see it again."

Kilar: "...I just got back from Thor (Australia has it's advantages at times!)... Man, I haven't had such a good time at a film in ages. The 3D was very very good, by far the best conversion I've seen and honestly I wouldn't have picked it as converted at all. Some absolutely fantastic 3D shots. And wow, who would of thought Kenneth Branough would be a kick ass action director. That just happened!!!"

GeorgeOfTheIMAX: "Don't get me wrong the 3D was awesome when there was 3D . I liked it but i tend to dislike the fact that there are 2D scenes in 45% of the movie when we pay for 3D. Im gonna go watch it again tomorrow in IMAX. Gonna pay close attention to the 3D. Cause first time i saw it i just watched without looking at something in particular. Second time(without the glasses) i was just observing it again. And the third time i was paying attention to the details(costumes, backgrounds, sounds which are all AMAZING). One would think that after 2 years of working for a cinema i would learn to multitask that stuff. p.s. the 45% thing might be a tad bit over exaggerated. But there were a lot of scenes that didnt have 3D. @EBostock that scene was unexpected(at least for me). And i agree it was one of the best 3D ive seen. But movies like Wild Safari, The Haunted Castle (all 40 min long imax only movies) have awesome 3D so nothing new on that front. I do have to admit i am curious as to how far 3D can be pushed. Transformers is gonna be a fun example of action 3D. At least until we see the Cameron 3D action movie with 60fps(if im not mistaken)."

For me personally, I really push for 3D conversion movies to have rest periods for us to rest our eyes. We don't need 3D for every piece of dialog or close up (THE GREEN HORNET was too much). The best 3D is used for depth and immersion and boy, it sounds like THOR has got it right. We will soon see here in North America!

That's our update from fellow readers overseas about THOR and its 3D conversion.
Sounds like we have a winner on our hands! Once I see this movie, I will walk out of the theater, turn to whoever is beside me, throw down my ticket on the floor and say in a deep voice: "This movie... I like it. ANOTHER!!" :-)

Be sure to leave further THOR reviews (both content and conversion) in the comments but BE FOREWARNED: SPOILERS ARE ALLOWED!!

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