Thursday, April 28, 2011

MUST WATCH: First Trailer For Tarsem Singh's IMMORTALS!!

Oh yeah. This looks good. As many of you have pointed out - MarketSaw's coverage of IMMORTALS should be top priority and I agree!

You can also check out the high def version on Apple.

With an obvious nod towards Tarsem Singh's work in 300, IMMORTALS brings incredible visuals back to the screen highlighting Mickey Rouke as the villain King Hyperion and Henry Cavill as Theseus.

The Relativity release has a budget of $100 million and will be post converted to S3D. With the overwhelming response to how well THOR has been converted, I am hoping for a continued trend in the positive with every single release. Certainly many factors exist in the execution of a near perfect conversion but I hope its gold standard work flow is not far away.

IMMORTALS is set for release November 11.

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