Monday, May 02, 2011

An Update From John Schwartzman - DP For THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!

Got an update for you from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN's Director of Photography, John Schwartzman. Simply said, he is having a love-in with the new RED Epic digital cameras and the 3ality Digital 3D rigs!

Here's what he had to say to the RedUser Forums:
Here in Mahattan for the last 2 weeks of the Amazing Spiderman, since we first started 7 months ago with our beta-tattoo bodies a lot in the world has changed. I speak to many DP's getting ready to use the Epic, most are shooting 3D and using either 3ality or ET rigs. The 3ality rigs have worked really well for us, they have been quick and reliable by 3D standards and after the 2nd week we all fell into a routine which allows us to do 25 set ups a day.

2 weeks ago I color corrected a 8 minute sizzle reel at colorworks cut together by the editors, it had a little bit of everything in it and Brook and I finished out to a 4K 2D DCP, that was turned over to Rob Engel our head stereographer to be made into a 2k 3D DCP. The 4k Epic images are absolutely the highest resolution images I have ever seen, Steve Bowen the colorist, who has lots of digital experience was speechless, the images are gorgeous, dark with no noise, and full of detail. The color tracked really well to the 3D and it looks really great in 3D, I just wish 3D projection would catch up with acquisition. The 2d 4k has 4 times the resolution of the 3d image, when I have done film scans I think the difference between 2k and 4 k scans is there but it is subtle, when originating an image at 4.5k and viewing it at 4k there is nothing subtle about it, sort of like the paint job on Jared's Porsche, it gets your attention.

My RED experience on the Amazing Spiderman has been great and I am looking forward to using this camera to shoot some commercials this summer in 2D. 10 more days to go on first unit and then Collister shoots kanother 2 weeks of 3D plates and we are done.

Don't the RED Epics sound delicious? Great tandem with the 3ality rigs. I agree with John - if we could display 4K in cinemas (and higher frame rates too of course), we would be in for such a treat!

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