Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cameron And Worthington Set To Team Again In MYTH?

Wow. Didn't expect to see the two of them working together again until AVATAR 2 and 3 but there's news out of THR that seems to indicate action on another big sci-fi actioner entitled MYTH. Is this based on the video game of the late 90's? Hmmm.

Will Staples is supposedly in talks right now with Fox to write and Lorenzo di Bonaventura (TRANSFORMERS) to produce. Worthington would also produce (and star) with Cameron teaming as executive producer. So not quite the same roles as AVATAR obviously.

No one else has commented on the possibility of this project being based on the video game but perhaps there is a connection. Staples after all, wrote the CALL OF DUTY line of video games. Connection? Again, I think perhaps.

Its all early in the game but for now - and with the talent circling - I am definitely excited by the possibilities! No question it will be 3D. What do you think of the whole thing?

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