Monday, June 27, 2011

MasterImage 3D Signs Largest French Cinema Chain

Les Cinemas Gaumont (France's largest) has signed on to equip several of their theaters throughout Europe with MasterImage 3D projection technology.

According to THR, the first implementations of the rollout include Pajrignan, Gaumont Ambassade, Gaumont Opera Premier and Gaumont Opera Capucines in Paris and the Pathé Haarlem in Holland.

The Pathé deal is huge because they own almost 1000 screens in Europe (France, Netherlands and Switzerland). Les Cinemas Gaumont joins the other chains that MasterImage 3D has secured in Europe already, namely Germany's Cineplex, Britain's Empire Cinemas and Cinema City International in Eastern Europe.

Congratulations to all involved! MasterImage 3D is a true 3D success story that continues to unfold. Stay tuned for more when I get it...

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